Private Hearing Aids

Why hearing aids?

Not sure if you need any help hearing?  

Only have difficulty hearing certain people or in  certain situations?

At mi EARS our experience has proved that deciding to come for a Hearing Test is a big decision that usually takes a number of years.  Admitting you may need help with your hearing is a not an easy decision.

When you do decide to have a chat about your hearing, your first experience with an Audiologist is crucial and has the potential to change your life.

This is why at mi EARS we believe this initial assessment is the single most important stage of your journey. 

We don’t do rushed assess and fit appointments, the first appointment is about testing your hearing accurately but more importantly understanding your individual lifestyle and needs. 

Our assessment appointment can take anything from 1 .5 to 2 hours.   We will go through the various options and make recommendations on how we can help you.  Depending on your hearing levels and individual needs this may or may not involve hearing aids.

Make an appointment to visit us in Aldershot or at the Wellbeing Space in Farnham. 

Hearing Aid Audiologist and patient

Hearing Aid Audiologist and patient

Independent Hearing Aid Advice

Independent expert Audiologist with patient during a hearing aid consultation


We offer a completely independent Hearing Instrument provision and aftercare service.

What does Independent mean?

We are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer so are able to provide the latest devices from the widest choice of suppliers, not just from one or two.

Also most national and regional chains of high street suppliers have contracts with a limited number of suppliers.  Some will also have their own branded label which are usually older technology.

At mi EARS we will recommend the best solution for your individual needs from which ever supplier suits these needs.

Starkey Livio and Muse Hearing Aids

High Tech Hearing Aids & Accessories

We supply all types of Hearing Instruments and Accessories:

  • All Styles available - from small in the ear to Receiver in the canal models.

  • Feature rich  – Bluetooth, Audio Streaming, Rechargeable, High Performance.

  • Full After care service

  • 60 day trial

Hearing Aid Prices

At mi EARS we offer the latest Hearing Technology available together with competitive pricing and independent expert advice.

Prices start with the Value  Range going up to Performance Range.  The price ranges reflect the technology incorporated into the hearing aids.

All sizes and styles of Hearing Aids are available in all of the Tech levels.

 During your Assessment we will together go through the technology range and agree on the best solution for your hearing needs and lifestyle.

 Prices shown are inclusive and include one pair of hearing aids.  Single hearing aids are available, prices on request. 

Hearing Aid Accessories


Current Hearing Aid users

Current Hearing Aid users

hearing aids and Bluetooth TV Streamer from mi EARS

Hearing Aid technology has come a long way but to really improve  hearing in  certain situations, accessories can transform lives. 

All manufacturers have a range of accessories for their hearing aids., which include:

  • Landline phones - stream to automatically to the Hearing Aids

  • Television streamers - send the audio direct to the Hearing Aids

  • Remote Microphone - improve speech in noisy situations

Current Hearing Aid users

Current Hearing Aid users

Current Hearing Aid users


Do you already have private or NHS Hearing Aids?

Do you know that you with most of the current Hearing Aids you can add accessories to increase their performance?  

We are happy to provide accessories to your current hearing aids and can give you advice on what will help you.  

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