common questions - Microsuction Wax removal

Microsuction ear wax removal

Here are some common questions regarding ear wax removal and ear cleaning.

If you have a question not covered here, please let us know.

Do I need to do anything prior to my appointment?

 Unlike irrigation it is not necessary to use ear drops for weeks prior to the appointment.  If possible, you can put some Olive Oil spray (such as Earol) into your ears one day before.

What happens?

To start with, your ears will be viewed using a small camera so we can see accurately where your wax is and to what degree.

A small tube connected to a gentle vacuum pump is placed into your ear and the wax is either sucked up the tube or moved out of your ear.

Does it hurt?

No.  Most people comment that Microsuction ear wax removal is a strange sensation rather than uncomfortable.  You will hear some “wind” rushing and whistling and sometimes feel some tugging in your ear as the wax moves out towards the entrance.

Depending how long the wax has been in your ears, they may feel slightly sore for a day or two post procedure but this will soon clear.

Why Microsuction?

The Microsuction ear wax removal procedure is the safest and most efficient method of removing troublesome ear wax.  

No water is introduced into the ear - this means less stress is put on the ear canal and eardrum, it is a safe procedure if you have had past infections, perforations etc.

The ear canal and wax can be viewed in high magnification during the procedure for greater accuracy and safety.  Unlike the irrigation procedure where you do not view the ear during the procedure.

The procedure generally leaves the ear very clear of wax, irrigation often leaves wax behind, so microsuction means greater gaps between treatments.

Can I just use some drops or buy something to clean the wax at home?

 Depends.  If there is only a slight amount of earwax in the canal then using ear drops alone may shift this. 

If your ear canal is totally blocked with wax, ear drops alone are very unlikely to resolve this.  The ear wax is like a plug and sometimes can go quite deep along the canal, the ear drops will only soak the surface but will not penetrate further in.

There are some ear drops that claim to dissolve the wax.  Again, this can work for small amounts of wax.  Sometimes these drops have the effect of “smearing” the wax all over the ear canal and even the ear drum, which makes removal even harder.  Most of these types of ear drops should not be used for long periods so follow the instructions carefully.

Please do not use any devices or tools that can be purchased to either flush out or pull out your ear wax by yourself at home.  As you cannot see what is happening in your own ear and how deep these tools go, it is very easy to push the wax further in and risk damaging your ear canal or ear drum.  

Please first seek the advice of a Healthcare professional who can view your ears safety and give you the appropriate advice.